Myth, Beliefs & Reality

Establishing a market brand worldwide is what Shangrila strives for on behalf of KTE. With the creation of successful markets in Japan, North Korea, Germany, Australia, India etc. Shangrila has been exploring niche markets for KTE’s eco-friendly products, especially for the health and environmentally conscious customers in the EU,USA, Canada, China and South Korea. Members of the World Fair Trade Organization, chain stores that specialize in tea and bio-products with our brand are given top priority.Research, experimentation, and innovation is where KTE sets it’s ground rules in production and food purity, whereas Shangrila ensures customer satisfaction in marketing.It is this co-ordination that has helped us to create a variety of unique blend of teas.

Not just hearsay, but Shangrila truly places customers as their top priority. Be it a new blend of tea never experimented before or, packet designed in completely different language, SAW has not failed to meet the requirements and demands of its customers. SAW usually accepts a minimum order of 100 kgs which is delivered by air cargo. However, larger quantities (i.e. 4000kg and above or a container) are usually supplied via Kolkata port. The unique character of KTE’s tea comes from its comparatively low content of caffeine and significantly higher composition of Linalool Methyllsalcylate (flavouring compounds). Tea experts believe that such character exists due to its unique geographical location and virginity of soil. Due to its unique character, KTE tea has also found its way into Harrods, the renowned establishment in the United Kingdom. Since the original taste of KTE’s tea is in it’s freshness, hence the necessity to store the tea in air tight containers.